Published February 15th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

Athletes and CBD: Why Athletes Should Take CBD

Some of the biggest names in professional sports are turning to CBD, and for good reason.  As you may alread...
Published February 14th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

Third party testing and CBD products

From CBD oils to CBD-infused eyeshadow... as new CBD companies continue to develop, the CBD market has become increa...
Published February 13th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD for fertility: Can CBD Help Me Have a Baby?

It’s been three minutes now. And you’ve done everything you can to distract yourself from looking too ea...
Published February 12th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD and Pregnancy: Is it safe to consume CBD while pregnant?

It’s early in the morning and your head is pounding. You know morning sickness is a common symptom for pregnan...
Published February 11th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD Drug Test: Will I fail a drug test on CBD?

We all know that CBD oil holds pretty powerful therapeutic properties. And the more scientists continue to research...
Published February 10th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD Drug Interactions: Can CBD affect your drug metabolism?

CBD oil has become a common household supplement that many people swear by, and for good reason. In fact, it&rsqu...
Published February 09th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD for Hair Loss: The benefits of CBD hair care products

You may be surprised to learn that your hair reveals a lot about your overall health. It’s often true that...
Published February 08th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD Extraction Methods: How CBD oil is made

Nowadays, you can find CBD in almost anything: From chocolate bars and energy drinks, to skincare products and easy...
Published February 07th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD and Alcohol: Is it safe to mix CBD and alcohol?

It’s Saturday night and you’ve been out with friends, hitting up a few bars.  Thankfully, you&rs...
Published February 06th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD and Digestive Disorders: The benefits of CBD for digestive health

You know that saying, “Go with your gut”? or “What does your gut tell you?” Well, your br...
Published February 05th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

Growing Hemp: What you need to know

It’s a sunny spring Saturday morning. You head out to your local farmers market to grab a few items. Each v...
Published January 29th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD Lip Balms: Save your lips and skin with CBD lip balms and CBD ointments

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “lips”?  You may think: k...
Published January 22nd, 2021
by Jeev Trika

CBD for Flu Season and 3 Other Natural Remedies That Increase Immunity

There are many reasons why people say winter isn’t their favorite season: Cold weather, grey skies, and worst...
Published January 15th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

The Top 5 Remedies To Fight Against The Winter Blues

Do you ever feel sad during the winter?  Do you find yourself looking at old pictures of you tanning at the...
Published January 08th, 2021
by Jeev Trika

New Year: Incorporate CBD Oil into your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s admit it… Last year sucked! But now that we’re in the new year, it’s a bit easier to...
Published December 31st, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Can CBD relieve PMS?

You’re going about your typical day, when suddenly you start feeling back cramps and nausea.   So...
Published December 30th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD oil and Celebrities: More Celebrities and Athletes are Turning to CBD Oil

Your friend bursts through your front door with a Kramer-like enthusiasm (Seinfeld fans can relate), holding a tight...
Published December 19th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD Recipes: Cooking with CBD

Cooking with cannabis (or hemp) is not a new concept. For centuries, people have been infusing foods, drinks, and sk...
Published December 18th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD for winter: CBD Products that will enhance your winter

We all know that once autumn arrives, drier and colder weather follows. Soon dry skin problems arise, allergies wrea...
Published December 11th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD Gifts: Best CBD Gifts for Each Holiday

New wellness trends seem to pop up each year. Remember when everyone and their mom jumped on the keto diet bandwagon...
Published December 02nd, 2020
by Jeev Trika

What’s the difference between CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Does it seem impossible to manage your stress and anxiety? Or maybe it’s pain an...
Published November 13th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD and Children: Is it safe for kids to consume CBD?

You’d be surprised at how often this question is asked and for good reason. Just because our children are youn...
Published November 06th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

Can I Travel by Plane With CBD?

Whether you're traveling for business, heading home for the holidays, or escaping to an unknown destination for...
Published October 30th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD for Horses: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, & More

If you were to do a quick Google search on CBD, you’ll likely see a ton of information on CBD for pets and hum...
Published October 22nd, 2020
by Jeev Trika

Which CBD Oil is Right for Me?

For the last few months you’ve been tossing and turning, struggling to get a decent night's sleep. You&rsq...
Published October 09th, 2020
by Jeev Trika

CBD private label, white label, wholesale, and custom formulation

So you’ve decided to enter the highly profitable, fast growing retail world of Cannabidiol, most popularly kno...
Published October 02nd, 2020
by Jeev Trika

Starting a CBD business?

What do coffee, cookies, lip balm, and water all have in common? They can all be infused with CBD. In fact, sometime... Everywhere!

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