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  • Best CBD Oil

    Best CBD Oil

    Choose a high quality CBD oil from a reputable source.
  • Best CBD Capsules

    Best CBD Capsules

    Select CBD capsules from reputable sources in the industry.
  • Best CBD Edibles

    Best CBD Edibles

    Let users guide you to the best tasting CBD edibles.
  • Best CBD for Pets

    Best CBD for Pets

    Get high quality pet food infused with CBD for your pets.
  • Best Cannabis Gummies

    Best Cannabis Gummies

    Select tasty and high quality cannabis gummies for your snack.
  • Best Cannabis Candy

    Best Cannabis Candy

    Choose candy infused with high quality and helpful cannabis.
  • Best Cannabis Topicals

    Best Cannabis Topicals

    Find great topicals that users have found to have a positive impact.
  • Best Cannabis Sativa

    Best Cannabis Sativa

    Select the best cannabis sativa based on user opinion.

The Marijuana & CBD Industry

Expectations & Projections
Annual Capital Investment Per Year

Both the marijuana and CBD industries have been growing exponentially over the past few years due to an increase in the legalization of cannabis products across the US and Canada. There has also been a slow but sure growth nation-wide acceptance and tolerance for the use of marijuana and CBD for medicinal purposes.

Each year we are seeing an up-tick in the amount of money that VCs and other investors are putting into the industry. Creative new start-ups are popping up everywhere and this is only the beginning. According to our data, the amount of money expected to be invested in cannabis-related ventures will be on a steady incline for the next ten years.

Public Opinion on Legalization

Not only are marijuana and CBD products being purchased by the handful by its target group: Millennials, but Baby Boomers are getting in on the action as well. We’re finding that more and more people are asking their doctors about what the best CBD products are to help manage their pain and chronic illness. Marijuana was considered a taboo just over a decade ago but over the past few years Americans are becoming more and more comfortable with the aspect of using marijuana either for recreational or medicinal purposes. Also, Gallup polls and online discussion boards are showing that all different types of people from all different walks of life are open to trying a cannabis product.

Edible Sales

Many people prefer taking their marijuana or CBD through an edible form. Not only are edibles generally healthier (as they don’t require the user to take in any smoke or vapor) but they’re also more discreet, making them a favorite of Baby Boomers and business professionals. We’ve found that edible sales have been climbing steadily over the years and things are only looking up. Everyone is looking for the next best CBD oil. We’re confident that edible sales will increase over the next ten years and might even surpass traditional forms of selling marijuana in the future.

Benefits to Legalization

Marijuana and CBD vendors have consistently reported an increase in sales as new positive legislation on buying and selling cannabis products rolls out across the US. This is a perfect time for new, independent manufacturers to get in early on the cannabis space as new legislation continues to get introduced in certain states. We’re finding that the major manufacturers are reluctant to add marijuana products to their slate unless formal legalization is passed. This means that starting a new marijuana or CBD business could warrant some great rewards for those who’ve been thinking about starting their own cannabusiness.

Buyer Satisfaction

Over the course of our research, we have found that the brands or vendors who consistently get high ratings are not only providing the best CBD products or marijuana products out there, but will also tend to create an easy and enjoyable customer experience. When a customer feels like they’ve been taken care of and the product performs above and beyond their expectations, they are much more likely to leave a positive review.

Although we’ve found that in a lot of cases, a negative experience will be more likely to push a customer to type out a review than a positive experience will, an enjoyable customer service experience will tend to be a good enough reason to get a customer to share their review with the world.

Conferences & Events

Conferences & Events

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