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Medical Dispensaries in New Mexico (10)

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Fruit of the Earth Organics

901 Early Street | Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505 | 505-310-7917

The people at Fruit of the Earth Organics believe in the power of natural plant remedies, and that they can be more harmonious to the body than synthetics. Their Medical Cannabis is hand grown with love, consciousness, and clear intention, and it is their privilege to be able to provide high quality natural medicine to you. They guarantee that you will receive only the bes... View Profile

Pecos Valley Production

812 N. Canal Street | Carlsbad, New Mexico, 88220 | 575-236-4145

Pecos Valley Production is New Mexico’s largest medical cannabis and CBD dispensary. Pecos Valley Production sources their medical cannabis and CBD products from local, trusted vendors who provide the highest quality products for their patients. They offer a wide range of organically grown products from dried cannabis flowers to live resin. They also offer CBD products, ca... View Profile

R. Greenleaf Organics, Inc.

41 Fort Bayard Road | Santa Clara, New Mexico, 88026 | 505-200-9366

At R.Greenleaf, people make the difference. Their mission is to provide a consistent supply of high quality medical cannabis for their patients, while also providing information and recommendations for successful cannabis therapy. R. Greenleaf, Inc. believes that all patients should receive the highest quality medicine to fit their specific needs. For this reason they offe... View Profile

Essential THC

200 West Conway Suite #B | Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88005 | (575) 322-4202

no website, no info View Profile

Everest Apothecary - North Valley

9237 4th Street NW. | Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87114 | (505) 898-2800

Everest Apothecary’s customer-centric mindset has built them a reputation as the best New Mexico dispensary. Their customers come first which means that they only offer the purest products that allow for the finest experience. Their cannabis and products are all locally sourced and handcrafted. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure its quality, flavor, and strength.... View Profile

Keyway Marketplace - Jefferson St

5659 Jefferson Street | Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87109 | (505) 312-8871

Formerly known as Shift New Mexico, Keyway has a profound respect for our patients. Earning your trust is our highest priority as we provide you with medical cannabis at fair price points. We are passionate about enhancing your health and your life through a variety of medical cannabis products. Our driving mission is to provide patients with the best products, both medic... View Profile

Urban Wellness - San Mateo

2910 San Mateo Blvd #5 | Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87110 | 505-369-0081

Top notch customer service is the foundation of Urban Wellness. At Urban Wellness, they understand that entering a cannabis store as a new patient may feel intimidating; not at Urban Wellness. They are here to provide a welcoming environment. They offer one- on- one consultations to ensure you leave with the best product for your needs. Urban Wellness is proud to offer New... View Profile

R Greenleaf - Grants

411 West Santa Fe | Grants, New Mexico, 87020 | 505-287-5383

The Verdes Foundation

7301 San Antonio NE | Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87109 | 505-280-2814

The Verdes Foundation is a nonprofit organization and is one of the longest operating dispensaries in New Mexico. Started in 2010 by Eric Speegle and his father Doug Speegle, the dispensary and grow operation quickly expanded to become one of New Mexico’s largest and most highly regarded dispensaries. Their goal is to provide the highest quality medicine for the best possi... View Profile

Natural Rx - Los Lunas

3414 Hwy 47 Ste C | Los Lunas, New Mexico, 87031 | 505-404-8214

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