Greenspoon Marder, LLP

200 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 1800 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301
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    $50 million - $100 million

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    500 - 1,000

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    Lawyers & Attorneys

Greenspoon Marder, LLP

200 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 1800 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301

Greenspoon Marder is a national full-service business law firm with over 240 attorneys and 26 locations across the United States.

They are ranked among American Lawyers Am Law 200, as one of the top law firms in the U.S. since 2015. Their firm was founded with the goal of providing the highest quality legal services at the highest value for their clients.

Each of their clients is unique and so are their legal needs. They believe no one size fits all for professional services. Their lawyers offer flexible and creative solutions to meet their clients respective needs.

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Bob M
Bob M

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Katie Cowperthwaitewas very rude to me when I called to inquire about the eviction notice I got on my door and in the mail from Cambridge Properties yesterday and today . Why does one letter say that we can remedy the situation, but the other letter says no you can't and must vacate after Christmas? Sounds like unprofessionalism on Cambridge Properties and Greenspoon Marder LLPs part to me. I told Katie that my wife and I are very nice people and take very good care to make our apartment look nice and feel like a home, but when I told her I was very upset, she just told me to get a lawyer and that she was going to hang up on me (twice)! I told her that I can't afford a lawyer and she said that is your problem. She could care less if you are on disability and going to be kicked out on the street right after Christmas. How can someone be so inconsiderate and heartless? All the corporate giants like Jeff Passadore who owns Cambridge Properties could care less about their tenants. They don't want you to feel like you have a home. My wife has gone out of her way to make the inside and the outside of our apartment feel like were living in a home. Is there anything wrong with that? They want you to keep your walls and floor space empty and the front porch is only for looks, not to enjoy with some nice looking plants , a table or anything else you would like to have on it other than a tiny little bbq and some management approved chairs. Cambridge Properties gives all of the extra storage garages to management and maintenance first no matter how long you have lived here, then send out violations because you have too much stuff and no where to put it. I don't remember anywhere when I moved in here 6 years ago that said Cherry Ridge Apartments is an HOA!!!. They sure act like it is! They will send out violation after violation and send in maintenance personnel to spy and take pictures of your home when they are only supposed to be coming in to do maintenance. They then wonder why you changed the locks on your door and didn't give them the key. The maintenance staff here at Cherry Ridge Apartments violate the rules left and right like parking in fire zones every single day all day long even for lunch breaks and also driving around the complex and on our Government streets with expired tags/registration. I was told by Anita Strain that they only park alongside the fire/emergency zone for a short period of time. That is not true and I have countless photos and documentation to prove it. Porch rules are also broken by the assistant manager. Rules are rules and you can't pick and choose who gets violations right? Why is the maintenance and management getting away with breaking the rules? Are we not supposed to follow their example? Maybe they need to be reported to the proper authorities about this? There are neighbors here at Cherry Ridge Apartments with countless pet violations every single day for the last 6 years (I have the photos and documentation) and I am willing to bet that they don't have an eviction notice waiting on their door. Again, picking and choosing who gets violations and who gets evicted. If they don't like the way you make your home look and you don't change it to their liking, OUT YOU GO!!!!!!! Don't ever rent from Cambridge Properties . I have seen 99% of all the people who lived here move away because of all the ridiculous rules and nosy neighbors who can't mind their own business and report you to management because they have too much time on their hands and don't have anything else better to do. I thought the new manager Anita Strain was going to be an improvement to this property over our last manager Nicole Kelly, but looks and mannerisms can be deceiving.

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